Level 22 Horde Guild
About Dissolute:

Dissolute is a laid back end game raiding guild full of not only experienced players, but also of good friends. Our goal in raiding is to down end-game content while having as much fun as possible. Our core group has been raiding together for the better part of a year which allows us the relaxed atmosphere we all love for raiding. Most of our solid members are referals or friends of freinds who have enjoyed raiding with us int he past. Because of this most of our member base has been raiding with each other for YEARS beyond just this guild. We do pride ourselves on being as casual as possible while still getting our "jobs" done every week.

We hold all of our recruits and applicants to the same high standard we hold ourselves too, which is based around the WANT to raid, as well as the fundamentals to do so, well.

Above all Dissolute is not a "hard core" raiding guild. We are not here to get realm firsts, we are here to raid with our friends because we love raiding if you feel this is something you are looking for in a guild please don't hesitate to contact us about joining.

On our off days we also enjoy guild pvp as well as old content raiding.

Magmaw: Friday, January 8th

from right to left: Delidon, Normak, Chapel, Liliris, Switowski, Thebo, Warandpeace Taramai, Hoodedfigure & Deadtingy.

Argaloth: Wednesday, January 5th

Sindragosa: Saturday, October 16th

from right to left: Zimbaku, Bloodriven, Liliris, Natyice, Warandpeace, Deathtrotter, Pain & Tamednan. (not pictured: Thebo & Kikikiwi)

After a summer break the guild got back together to push on from where we left off in July. Several attempts later and with more relief then any would know Sindy hit the floor. Our first kill of Sindy was by far the cleanest attempt we've had on her. Congrats and thank you to those who participated! We look forward to another great year of WoW with great friends and challenging bosses, bring it on Cata!

Blood-Queen Lana'thel: Thursday, April 1st

After getting the princes down we decided to try our 'April Fools Luck' on the Queen. This encounter was significantly easier for us then the princes were. We got her down to about 32% on our second attempt and were pretty confident that our dps would win this race. A few minor tweaks to our first attempt layout and some very unfortunate timings we finally got her down. Our kill was less then pretty in the end but it was still just as satisfying lol. A huge thank you to our dedicted crew who continue to support us with their pixilated blood, sweat, and gold.

Blood Princes: Thursday, April 1st

We only had a few quick wipes on the first encounter in the Blood Wing and since we are sorely lacking a good ranged tank we've been putting this wing off. An hour or so of tries with an alt lock on wed. and we got the encounter down further then we had in our previous attempts (about 30% vs our 80% before). So we decided to start fresh with this wing and just buckle down and figure the fight out for ourselves. We still couldn't quite get the caster tank down and after a few more tries with him we decided to switch it up and throw our dps DK into his shoes. Another 3 tries and the prices were felled. This encounter was quite a it more difficult for us then the Queen was but the final kill was clean and well done so the time and effort to get it down was well worth it. As always, a huge thank you to everyone who spent the time, energy, and gold to wipe with us.

Valithria Dreamwalker: Wednesday, March 10th

A smooth forty five minute first wing one shot and our progression group moved onto the next boss to bit the dust, well technically we saved her lol. A few attempts in and many runs into a brick wall we decided to mix up our stat a little and try some new things. So throwing out the two tank, three healer strat we decided to try a new approach and let our main tank tank it all, let our OT go back to his main spec as feral druid and switch out our priest from shadow back to holy. So with one tank, four heals (three strictly raid and one strictly boss) and our always amazing dps we flew through this encounter. We also got a few very good attempts (for not having done any research lol) on Sindragosa. Hopefully she will hit the dirt tonight as our progression group hits the frost hall once more. Never to be forgotten are our dedicated crew who spend more money on repairs then they do on gems, thanks guys <3

Professor Putricide: Thursday, March 4th

The plague wing has lived up to it's name by doing nothing but plaguing us with a bumpy road. After a wonderful evening of Festergut and Rotface one shots we moved on to working on the good doctor. Having a few new people to the fight we worked more on getting them used to fight and refeshing those of us who haven't seen him for a few weeks. The next day started off bumpy with the death of one of our top dps as well as another very inconveinient disconnect we slowly lost our one shot momentum from the previous night. About an hour, and a handful of wipes into the night we finally had success and felled the giant monstrsoity. Frost wing is our next goal for progression as we try to hunt down another good ranged dps tank for Blood Princes before starting on Blood wing. As always, a huge thank you to everyone who spent the time, energy, and gold to wipe with us until we got Putricide down.

Rotface: monday, January 19th

I think it's unanimous among the guild that we all hate this fight. We spent the better part of a full raid day (3 hours) working on this fight as well as some time from another raid day. The coordination this fight takes is grueling and although we had the large ooze forming down to a science we couldn't get his soft enrage down. I can't even tell you how many attempts we put into this guy but we did manage to get him down. Like almost every other kill I've seen of this guy we had only 1 of our raid members alive when we did finally get him down. Call it luck or the amazing feat of a druid tank, but the elation form all of us when he hit the floor was indescribable.

Festergut: monday, January 7th

After a few attempts one Festergut, we sucessfully felled the giant mound of....whatever he is. I have to say the new wing is, to my thankful surprise, much harder then the previous wing and content for that matter. We did get a few attempts on Rotface as well but were unsucessful in downing him. We do plan on getting the new wing cleared this week on our 2 10man groups and hopefully getting some more attempts in on Saurfang to get that first wing cleared on 25man.

We are currently seeking more healers as well as dps to help fill out our core 25man group. Please don't hesitate to throw in an application or whisper Asiyah, Liliris or Tamednan in game for more info.

Icecrown Citadel - Lower Spire: tuesday, December 15th

Dissolute is coasting on an ICC high atm. With little more then a regular day of raiding we have successfuly cleared the Lower Spire in ICC10. Our only hiccup was Surfang, who we dedicated a couple hours too, however after a few days break we came back fresh and ready only to complete the 4 boss wing in only 2 more attempts. With one 10 man group successfully through this new content we hope to get our second 10 man through ICC this week as well before moving on to attempt these new bosses on 25 man. Oh, and yes, we cleared Marrowgar pre-nerf. Go us!
As always a huge thank you to all of our dedicated raiders for consistantly showing up and pouring your all into this guild and the content we're out to clear.

Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood: wednesday, September 10th

After getting Thorim HM down we moved onto Freya, which took the rest of our night. Having never even attempted this fight with 1 Elder up we decided to just jump in head first and try it with 3. A few hours of wipes and tweaking our usual strategy we finally got her down. I have to say this fight was probably the most fun of the hard modes we've done so far. Come on Rusted drakes!

Lose Your Illusion: wednesday, September 10th

After half a dozen attempts on the 9th and another handful of attempts on the 10th we finally managed to get everyone moving the same direction and got Thorim's HM down.

I Could Say This Cache Was Rare: tuesday, September 9th

Hodir hard mode went down without a hitch. Oh alright there was a hitch, we got him down with about 2 seconds left on his timer....but we got him down. A HUGE thank you to our dps for stepping it up and helping us hit that timer.

Call of the Crusade: tuesday, September 1st

Unfortunatly Anub'arak wasn't nearly as difficult as we had hoped and after a minor blip we got him down on our second try.

I Choose You Steelbreaker: wednesday, August 26th

Tank deaths are not usually something you plan ahead for since they usually mean a raid wipe, however after careful planning of all our cooldowns we successfuly took out Steelbreaker last. This was a very interesting fight as the mechanics are a bit backwards from the norm, not to mention intense and stressful, but the high at the end was well the worth time and planning. A huge thank you, as always, to our wonderful dedicated raiders.

HeartBreaker: wednesday, August 26th

After 2 attempts XT's hard mode was actived and downed. A huge thank you to all who attended and put out some mad dps the rush at the end was well worth the few extra minutes it took to get this hard mode down.