About Dissolute:

Dissolute is a laid back end game raiding guild full of not only experienced players, but also of good friends. Our goal in raiding is to down end-game content while having as much fun as possible. Our core group has been raiding together for the better part of a year which allows us the relaxed atmosphere we all love for raiding. Most of our solid members are referals or friends of freinds who have enjoyed raiding with us int he past. Because of this most of our member base has been raiding with each other for YEARS beyond just this guild. We do pride ourselves on being as casual as possible while still getting our "jobs" done every week.

We hold all of our recruits and applicants to the same high standard we hold ourselves too, which is based around the WANT to raid, as well as the fundamentals to do so, well.

Above all Dissolute is not a "hard core" raiding guild. We are not here to get realm firsts, we are here to raid with our friends because we love raiding if you feel this is something you are looking for in a guild please don't hesitate to contact us about joining.

On our off days we also enjoy guild pvp as well as old content raiding.


* We are looking for mature, laid back players, who know how to play their class as well as know how to apply themselves and their talents in a raid situation.
* We are dedicated to progression in all PvE content and we expect all of our members to be the same.
* We are not a baby sitting service we do ask that anyone who applies is mature enough to not require us to baby sit them.
* We do ask that all of our members can handle mature conversations, though we are open to younger members as long as they can handle themselves accordingly.
* Currently we are looking for core raiders, though we will take on casual raiders as well, we really need some good solid experienced players.

Raid Times:

Friday: 6-9pm server
Saurday: 2-7pm server

(Raid invites will start 30 mins before our set raid time, if you’re not ready and online by this time we can not guarantee you a spot on the final roster.)


Loot is determined, but not limited to, the following factors: Attendance, attitude, raid readiness, current gear, participation during raid (this includes trash kids no falling asleep on follow until boss!) and overall stats. During a pug situation we will withhold tier pieces for our guild unless our members of that tier set no longer need it (this includes offset). However pugs will be applicable for everything else unless stated otherwise before the beginning of the raid.

In Game Contacts:

Liliris or Asiyah, Deadtingy or Tamednan, Warandpeace or Wap.