Code of Conduct:
It is expected that all members of the guild are mature people, by behavior if not necessarily by age, and that is the inward and outward image we would like to develop and sustain. Thus any kind of improper conduct when walking around with the < Dissolute > guild tag will be not be taken lightly, while repeating such conduct might result in a guild kick. This includes such things as conduct during our own raids, PuGs you join by yourself, drama you start with another guild, rude actions or words directed to another individual, etc. In short, act like an adult. If you can not do so it will result in a guild kick.

Dissolute is a PvE-focused guild first and foremost, and progressing through and experiencing together the PvE content the game has to offer is our top priority. That said, the number of evenings most people can dedicate to raiding is limited, so to make sure our raid time is utilized to its fullest we have to setup some ground rules:

* Outside of the game, it is expected that people research their class and role and constantly aim to improve their game play.
* Members with a initiate, recruit, or raider rank should attend our 3 day a week "required" raids. This is considered our 'progression' period and those who attend these days will have priority on raid spots over those who are continually absent.
* Members should familiarize themselves with the relevant encounters before entering the instance for the night by watching videos and reading boss strategies on sites likes Tankspot.
* Without exception, everyone should come to raids with a talent spec that brings their performance to the maximum and with all the necessary consumables. Our raids require full use of all relevant consumables from the first trash pull to the last boss fight. This will usually include a flask or a combination of Guardian and Battle elixirs along with food buffs. If you're not using N flasks during an N hours long raid, you're doing it wrong.
* Members are expected to maintain a high level of focus and performance during raids. There will be a scheduled break which we'll try to time with consumablesexpirey times, but other than that we should refrain from random AFKs.
* The raid environment shall remain civil at all times. If something needs to be corrected, the issue will be addressed in a constructive manner and verbal abuse will never be tolerated. Seeing as correcting mistakes is an important aspect of making progress, however, it is expected that all raid members will own up to mistakes and make an effort to correct them.
* Chatting and taking part in the social interaction on our Vent server is warmly encouraged. It is required however to be on Vent during raids and have a working microphone for times when raid-related communications require one.
* Random AFK's will not be tolerated. If you need to do something during a raid please whisper a GM or Officer who is attending and let them know before leaving. If for any reason you log off during a raid without letting someone know you are leaving and before the raid has been called you will be deemed as absent for the night, no matter what time it is. This will then be dealt with as an absence and may result in demotion or a guild kick.


Bonechewer is a PvP server, so every guild member is welcome to and encouraged to PvP in whatever area they see fit.
*There's a somewhat blurry line between PvP and griefing, but generally speaking, purposely ruining other people's enjoyment of the game is discouraged. Whilcorpse campingng, grey ganking and the like aren't prohibited, please try to exercise proper judgment. You know, "don't do unto others" and all that.
*As a guild we do try to have some PvP fun from time to time. This includes wold PvP, which all members are welcome and encouraged to join in on. On certain occasions we also try to tie in world PvP with in game happenings like the Fire Festival as always members are encouraged to join in and gachievementsnts as well as PvP.
*Most members do participate in stone capturing PvP outside Ulduar before our raids. This is fine as long as people can regain focus after entering the instance.