Dissolute Loot System

We are working off of a slightly modified “Suicide Kings” loot system for our main raids. We all feel this is the most even way to distribute loot without there being a bias party(s) involved. All "alt" farming runs will use /roll system and will not have any effect on the SK list. All legendary items will be subject to a loot council between all officers and class leads.

Basic Rules

* Our regular raid members will be put on a list, the order of these members will be first determined by random rolling (/roll), highest number on top and lowest on bottom.
* After the "core" list is made a program designed for this system will place new people into the list randomly.
* As we down a boss and loot is procured it will be offered to MAIN SPEC parties first.
* All interested raid members will whisper the loot master and let them know what spec the item is for (Main or Off).
* The raid member who is highest on the list of names that is interested int heloot for MAIN spec will get the loot and essentially “commit suicide”. This will remove their name form the higher position and place them at the very bottom of the list.
* If no on in the raid is interested in the piece as main spec, it will then go to off spec which will follow the same rank rules as stated below, and then to our resident Enchater for DE (ROT loot).
* All BoE gear that is wanted for a spec must be immediatly equiped. If no one wants this gear it will go into the Guild Bank for Alt use or for Sale on the Auction House.

System Demonstration:

* A plate dps helm drops.
* There are 3 interested parties. Joe, Bob, and Jack.
* And our list looks something like this.

1. Louise
2. Joe
3. Suzy
4. Bob
5. Jack

* Joe would be awarded the item as he is the highest person on the list that is interested in the item in question.
* Our list would then look like this.

1. Louise
2. Suzy
3. Bob
4. Jack
5. Joe

* Joe effectively “committed suicide” and his name was bumped down to the bottom of the list.
* If the same thing happens again then the item would go to Bob as he is now the highest interested party member. His name would then go to the bottom of the list just as Joe's did.


When you are absent from a raid your name will no longer be bumped up the list with the others. Why is this? This is in place to prevent people from skipping raid days until their name is on the top of the list. Only active members who are pulled out of the larger list into a smaller list will be bumped. This means you MUST show up to raids if you want to move in the list. The program we use doesn't have a way to discern from non active people and one time absences so even if you alert someone of your absence you will still not move up the list until you raid again.


Recruit, Raider, and PuG - have first chance at loot no matter if there is an interested alt or social above them on the list.
Social & Alt - if none of the above ranks want a piece of gear it will be tossed down to Social and Alt’s.
Off Spec - if none of the above ranks want a piece of gear it will then be offered as Off Spec.

Tier and Legendary:

* All our Tier pieces will be awarded to our own guild member before PuGs.
* The Tier pieces will be subject to a Loot Council, between all Officers as well as Class Leads. The out come of this council will be determined by the amount of upgrade as well as attendance and help the interested party members put into the guild and raids.
* If raid member A has a larger upgrade then raid member B, but member B has flawless attendance and has contributed more to the guild then member A, then it is more then likely that member B will get the piece.
* We want to award loyalty as well hard work so everything will be taken into account when tier pieces drop.
* If the item is a pretty straight across upgrade for all interested party members we will hold the right to gear our tank and healers before our dps. This is not to be unfair to dps but without our dedicated tanks and healers, we as a guild, are nothing more then pewpewpew factories.
* The above situation is not likely to happen anytime soon, but if it does happen our dps will be rewarded with something that the GM and Officers deem appropriate. We are nothing if we are not fair. We want our members to be happy and content so none of you will be over looked.
* PuGs & Tier. We reserve the right to withhold tier from Pugs. The only time a Pug is eligible for Tier gear is when our members do not need the piece for main spec. Effectively Pugs will be treated as “off spec” and they may only send tells for tier when it goes up for off spec.