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Joining Dissolute:

So you’re interested in joining us?

First you should probably have a look at our class recruitment status to the left, if you are interested in applying as a closed class please do not hesitate to do so. Although we may not NEED your class we are always on the hunt for exceptional players and are more then willing to make room for those people, no matter their classes current status.

After doing so please take a few minutes to go over our loot system as well as our code of conduct. We do NOT use a loot council system so reading about our own system is very important. We do strive on being as fair as we possibly can but we do understand that not every loot system will fit every person out there. If you have further questions about either of these things do not hesitate in contacting one of our GM's or Officers to answer those questions.

Here at Dissolute we do things a little differently then some guilds. We're not here to make server first kills or make people raid everyday of the week for the sake of getting loot. Nope, we raid because we love raiding with each other. More then just a guild we are a group of friends, some new, some old, who are all here to help each other get to our own personal goals both for ourselevs and our guild. We do ask our players to go above and beyond what most of them know as far as guilds go. Our guild is geared together, we're not here to gear one person or those in higher ranks, we're here to gera the entier guild as a whole. Together.

Next you might want to go over the example application we’ve prepared as well as previous applications by other people so you have a better understanding of what we expect of our members. You should then register an account on our forums if you haven’t done so already, and make a post on our Recruitment forum using the application template providedthere.

Be prepared to answer questions that our guild members and officers might ask you. These will usually be about class matters, gear, talent choices and things like that. You should try to answer such questions as fully as you can.

We ask everyone to fill out an application, not only to judge where they are gear wise comparred to where we are progression wise, but also to get a better understanding of what they expet to get out of being one of our members. Along with a small glimpse into their personality. We are here to down content, but we are also here to enjoy raiding with people we like, without fun raiding is just another job not a hobby. Dissolute is NOT a "hardcore" raiding guild. We do NOT raid because we want the best gear out there. We raid because we love it.


* We are looking for mature, laid back players, who know how to play their class as well as know how to apply themselves and their talents in a raid situation.
* We are dedicated to progression in all PvE content and we expect all of our members to be the same.
* We are not a baby sitting service we do ask that anyone who applies is mature enough to not require us to baby sit them.
* We do ask that all of our members can handle mature conversations, though we are open to younger members as long as they can handle themselves accordingly.
* Currently we are looking for core raiders, though we will take on casual raiders as well, we really need some good solid experienced players.


Trial: This is our starting rank, members will remain at this rank until they reach 2 weeks of active participation within the guild. This rank has no access to the guild resources. We consider this our "application" rank.
Raider: Our Secondary "starting" rank. To attain this rank you must be active in the guild for 4 weeks. This rank has limited access to the guild resources.
Vetran: Our Raider rank is obtained through 6 weeks of active raiding. In essence you have reached a "core" member status within our guild and are thus rewarded for your hard work and dedication.
Social: Social rank is someone who can not make it to our raids on a regular basis but has the gear and dedication to us to stay as a fill in if needed and online. This rank is also open for friends of our Raiders, Officers and GM's who would like to stay in contact and are willing to fill in when needed and online. Socials can app as Social or be moved to this rank after being with the guild for 4 weeks of membership with little to no raiding activity.
Officer or Class Lead: Our Officer rank is the highest rank attainable for our regular members. This rank is not based solely on time but also class knowledge, guild help, and above all dedication. These are people who are willing, or have, stuck it out "for the long haul" and are dedicated and loved by our members. They are primarily here to help their own classes initiates to be the best they can be with what they are given. This rank has access to most if not all guild resources and is trusted to run things while the GM's are not around.
GM: We have 3 GM's, Warandpeace, Tamednan, and Liliris. These are the three founding members of this guild, they have access to all guild resources and are here to help and advise you in what you need to do on a daily basis. This rank is currently non-attainable for our members.

Raid Times:

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
5:30pm - 9pm server
(Raid invites will go out at 5:30, if you’re not ready and online by this time we can not guarantee you a spot on the final roster.)